Super Accuracy In-line PCB Separator

● VRI210


  • Construction Features

    ◆ Patented granite platform technology, compact structure, good expandability.

    ◆ Select leading linear motor driven technology, non-contact drive, lifelong maintenance-free.

    ◆ Loading width adopts high precision servo motor, higher stability for loading and unloading.

  • Control System

    ◆ Control system adopts EtherCAT BUS module, good compatibility, fast response speed, stable.

    ◆ Adopt manual teaching and CAD file importing.

  • Vision System

    ◆ Standard: High FPS CCD camera and telecentric lense, with auto calibration and vision alignment function.

    ◆ Optional: Border edge cutting, automatically generates the cutting program, independently configure the light source.

  • Vacuum (multiple options)

    ◆ Standard large air flow dust collector fixed downside, structure is stable.

    ◆ The upper dust collection mechanism is equipped with a elastic pipe for good dust collection effect.

    ◆ The dust collection port located under the table, and moving with the cutting point in real-time.